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Coffee on Sand

Turkish Mosaic Lamp & Coffee on Sand

Explore the Traditional Art of Brewing over Sand

In the workshop you will attend, while you make your lamps, our instructor will offer you Turkish coffee brewed over sand upon your request. While you focus on making Turkish lamps, you will also experience the process of brewing Turkish coffee over sand. Our instructor will demonstrate the origins of this unique ritual, along with the tools and materials used, while brewing Turkish coffee over sand. You will enjoy a delightful Turkish coffee experience accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and delicious treats such as Turkish delight or chocolate.

turkish coffee workshop



  • Traditional Turkish coffee is cooked on hot sand in a specially made stand.
  • You sip your coffee while making your lamp.
  • You will observe the subtleties of this art while our instructor makes the coffee.
  • If you wish, we can come to any of your events and present this unique taste to your guests with its visual show.
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Host a Private Event with DIYLabs

Experience creating Turkish mosaic lamps with your family, friends, and colleagues at DIYLabs Studio, your workplace, or any location of your choice, and enjoy the unique taste of Turkish coffee brewed in the sand. Invite us to your special occasions and let's make memories together!
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Customer Experiences



We enjoyed our mosaic lamp making activity. They have all of the supplies you need and you don't have to clean up! The tea and treats were a nice touch. Also our lamps are beautiful!

Toronto, CA

Beautiful mosaic art workshop. We really enjoyed this activity here. They have so many shapes and colors to choose from. The instructor was very informative and helpful throughout theclass. We got to bring what we created. Plus we were offered amazing turkish delight with tea.

Hetal G.
Los Angeles, CA

The art workshop was fantastic! We had an amazing birthday experience. The instructor was informative, and there were plenty of colors and shapes to choose from. Plus, we got to enjoy some delicious Turkish delight and tea! Taking our creations home was a great touch. I highly recommend this unique experience to anyone looking for a fun time—perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends!

William j.
Richmond Hill, CA

DIYLabs was fantastic! Beautiful lamps, a patient instructor, and a great group activity. The displayed lamps were stunning and available for purchase. Crafting our own lamps in the cozy setting, with tea and Turkish Delight, was delightful. Can't wait to return! Thanks, DIYLabs!

Jen C.
Los Angeles, CA

Had a fantastic time at DIYLabs! Stunning lamps, a great instructor, and a cozy atmosphere made crafting with tea and Turkish Delight an absolute delight. Can't wait to return! Thanks, DIYLabs!

Ethan Mitchell
Markham, CA
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